2s versus 3s

After Nick’s ‘Super Session’ with the traditional star badges, most people stayed along to play the 2nds versus 3s game. It turned out to be a really friendly game in which all players got some play time. Rick Scowcroft top scored with 4 goals for the 3s. This was however not enough to stop the […]
April 12, 2014

Last League points for Brum

BCKC1 played their final EKL match against Bearsted. Brum kept things tight early on and showed off a real team performance. With Nick Wilkins playing his first match for BCKC 1 after his come back from Canada and Sara Roberts top scoring with 6 goals, Brum easily ran away to a 13-21 win. A historical number of […]
April 12, 2014

Bi-winning Sunday for Brum

With the 3rd and 1st team playing at the same venue, the day promised some good korf. The 3s started of against uni’s 2 team. Birmingham was already setting the tone by taking the points with a 11-5 win. Many players stayed around to encourage the first team to prevent relegation. After winning our first  National League […]
March 31, 2014