Why did I start playing Korfball?

I started playing korfball during my first year at university, having never played (or even heard) of the sport before. I was a keen netball player, but after having played for over 10 years I decided I wanted to try something new. I was nervous about going to my first session as I thought I’d be the only newbie and people would get annoyed at me for not having a clue what I was doing! In fact, the great thing about korfball is most people have never played before, meaning everyone is so welcoming as they were once in your shoes.

What is my favourite thing about korfball?

My favourite thing about korfball is the people. I have met some of my best friends through playing korfball and I think the main reason for this is due to korfball being mixed gender. Having a mixture of guys and girls playing means it is less cliquey than netball, there is more respect between the players and also more banter (trust me, it’s just better than netball!)

What am I most looking forward to this season?

Its been 4 years since I began playing korfball and last season I made my premier league debut (something I never even dreamed about when I started playing!) I’m looking forward to hopefully being selected for more premier league games, as well as getting involved in coaching some sessions for both my university team, Warwick and Birmingham City.

What advice would I give to someone thinking of joining korfball?

Just do it! Korfball is so inclusive that it doesn’t matter about your experience or athleticism. If you’re not that sporty, just come for the socials, to have a laugh and to stay health. If you enjoy competing, Birmingham city have teams across a variety of leagues (including the premier league) so there is always room to improve and play against better players.