Tonights the night…

It’s been a long gruelling summer battling the heat, the barbecues and the endless Aperol Spritzs but do not fear: Korfball is here. 
The new committee has been working long and hard to get everything ready for what we hope will be another wonderfully successful season for all teams.
We look forward to welcoming back old faces (have you missed us?) and getting to know those new faces too. It’s going to be an action packed season with the introduction of a regular club tournament, more training accompanied by big and better socials of course!
Whether it’s your ever so subtle competitive nature or the social butterfly within that’s calling to you, know that Korfball will not disappoint. We’ve got it all…boys, girls, a sense of humour, solidarity, sportsmanship and a thirst that needs to be quenched on and off the court! 
We look forward to welcoming you all Monday September 3rd. 
Let’s Korfball!